Nokia N97 (RM-505) 21.0.045 Update: initial thoughts

Mathew Newman  February 3 2010 11:25:37
Checked my N97's  "SW Update" last night, and found that the new v21 firmware was available, hit Install, only to be informed that this must be done via PC.  Ok.

PC -> SW Update -> next -> next -> next -> go!

First impressions immediately after restart:

Home screen had slightly different look - the application features on the home screen are now more clearly defined, with a clear raised edge and solid border.  Nice enhancement - the features/options on the home screen don't require the same precision touch that was needed with previous firmware.

The kinetic scrolling in menus and application lists is now on par with what has been available in the browser since early versions.  It's more precise, and easier to control with flick gestures in any direction.

Nokia mentioned browser improvements, and I was impressed with the speed in rendering which is quite noticeable, whether on wi-fi or telco network.  Pages definitely render faster in the native browser.

Can't comment on call quality since mine has always been pretty good, even when overseas or in the Aussie outback with less than perfect networks.

The music player on restart browsed ("Searching for music and podcasts") my phone again, which took quite a while given that I have hundreds of tracks on my device (1188 files added). Hmmm.  Once the search was complete - yes, the player is improved, scrolling enhancements are extended to the music player lists (Artist, Album, etc) so it's much smoother flicking through the lists.  Overall - a big improvement when navigating my music; better response times, and faster loading and playing.
YAY TIME! Maps navigation is now FREE ...  (#LS10 joke: How much does it cost?) - YES, FREE!

If I had have downloaded the update 2 weeks ago, I could have saved myself 10 bucks for the voice guidance between Raleigh NC and Orlando FL, Doh!

(FYI Mr Beaver, that was 9 hours - )

Will report back on stability as I use it over the next couple of days...

1John Stockbridge  07/10/2010 15:07:53  
Nokia N97 (RM-505) 21.0.045 Update: initial thoughts

I have been using the free voice guidance in Sydney and Melbourne when I hire cars there.

It just works really well.

2smk pgri karangmalang sragen  05/30/2013 12:07:44  
Nokia N97 (RM-505) 21.0.045 Update: initial thoughts

good luck

3Munwar bhai  10/19/2013 15:18:44  
Nokia N97 (RM-505) 21.0.045 Update: initial thoughts


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