Notes search gets better ... and better

Mathew Newman  February 5 2010 07:52:57
Just found an additional benefit to adding a Notes application to: "Always show in search list".

While reading an email I highlighted some text to do a google search on a phrase and noticed my custom search database in the search list - way cool!

In my case it's our CRM system, so all I need to do is highlight a name, location, company, etc - then Right click, highlight search and choose "ISW contacts".  Any matching results are now displayed in a new window.

You can do this for any application, pretty simple:
  • Open the database you want to have always available as a search option,
  • Hit the drop-down on the search tool-bar,
  • Choose "Always show in search list".

Business case; Help desk staff can locate a call with three clicks, Sales staff can refer to orders or customer history with three clicks, Users can call up a contact's details with three clicks etc, etc...

Here's how to do it:

1. Open the database you would like to always search:

2. In the Search tool-bar, click the drop down, and choose; "Always show in search list"

Image:Notes search gets better ... and better

3. From ANYWHERE in Notes, highlight the word or phrase you would like to find, then Right-Click within the highlighted area, point to search and then choose your database added @ step 1:

Image:Notes search gets better ... and better

4. The results:

Image:Notes search gets better ... and better

That's it, have already added even more of our standard databases to my search-list and am enjoying the benefits of our INTEGRATED Notes environment.

Just one more reason WHY we use Lotus Notes: "Access virtually any information, from anywhere!" as I discussed @ Lotusphere 2010 during BP306 - How to sell Notes to your users


1frank  06/27/2012 23:37:42  
Notes search gets better ... and better

is it possible to search in the maildb and the archive maildb q(native notes) via this search option ?

2Mat Newman

07/01/2012 17:09:51  Notes search gets better ... and better

@1, Frank: There sure is mate, open your Mail Archive using the link in the Navigator in your Mail Database, but make sure you hold down the [CTRL]+[ALT] keys on your keyboard while clicking on the Archive link, That will open your Archive without the eclipse overlay, and you will be able to add your archive to the Search Toolbar using the steps described in this article.

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3Oliver Regelmann  02/06/2013 3:16:55  
Notes search gets better ... and better

Mat, thanks for that tip. I just really wondered why some databases could be added to the search list and some couldn't.

4Mat Newman

02/07/2013 11:16:45  Notes search gets better ... and better

@3, Oliver: if you're using a composite or eclipse overlay (eg: another users mail), make sure you open the database with the [Crtl]+[Shift] keys held down. This will open the database in 'Classic' mode, which will enable the user to add the database to their search list.

Mat Newman IBM Champion

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Notes search gets better ... and better


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