Quick ’n’ dirty - setting up Designer under Ubuntu

Mat Newman  November 10 2010 11:33:12
Here are the things you need to do to get Designer running under Wine on Ubuntu 10.04+ x32 or x64.

These instructions assume Wine v1.2+

Note: Wine defaults it's config to Windows XP, therefore the following instructions relate to that operating system for the source files (dll's fonts, etc).

These instructions will get Designer running, 'working' with 100% parity to Windows is a different story, I'll write more as I debug and test.  Also, the 32 bit version of Ubuntu works better...
1.        Install Client+Designer+Admin on Windows XP.
2.        Set up that client on Windows,
3.        Copy the entire IBM\Lotus folder from 'Program Files' on Windows to exactly the same path in your wine virtual 'c' drive in 'Program Files',
4.        Copy the following DLL's from Windows\System32 , again to the Wine 'c' drive Windows\System32,
  • mfc42u.dll msvcrt.dll msvcp60.dll oleacc.dll oleaccrc.dll usp10.dll
5.        Copy the contents of your Windows\Fonts folder to the same folder on Wine (trust me on this one),
6.        Use regedit to create the wine registry keys for Lotus Notes (see below)
7.        DELETE the Workspace folder from the Notes data directory under Wine
8.        Make Wine look pretty by implementing font smoothing, instructions here:
9.        Start Administrator using the terminal, or from a launcher using:
  • env WINEPREFIX="/home/user/.wine" WINEDLLOVERRIDES="oleacc=n" wine "C:\Program Files\IBM\lotus\notes\admin.exe" "=c:\Program Files\IBM\lotus\notes\notes.ini"
  • (make sure you change user above to your own home folder location name)
10.        From Administrator, click the "Notes" link on the bookmark bar,
11.        Once Notes has started, open a database
12.        When you have a database open, right-click the DB tab and choose 'open in designer'

There you have it - Domino designer running under Wine on Ubuntu, works for both x32 and x64.

Once you have the thing configured, just repeat steps 9-11 to get Designer started, from there you can close Notes and Admin.

If you have a problem and Notes/Designer won't start in a subsequent session, just delete the Workspace folder again!

The registry keys you need to recreate:

From a Terminal type: regedit
Image:Quick ’n’ dirty - setting up Designer under Ubuntu

Recreate the following keys:
Image:Quick ’n’ dirty - setting up Designer under Ubuntu
Image:Quick ’n’ dirty - setting up Designer under Ubuntu

Why do you need to copy the fonts?:

Not quite sure, but there's a font in Windows that seems to be used by Java/Eclipse/SWT and doesn't map properly within Wine, without it, you don't get the eclipse clients (Notes/Designer) running.

I'm going to refine these instructions over time, as indicated earlier; this is a quick 'n' dirty version.


1Stephan H. Wissel  11/10/2010 14:04:22  
Quick ’n’ dirty - setting up Designer under Ubuntu

Just out of curiosity:

Did you try to run the installer under Wine. Did it produce any results?

2Mat Newman

11/10/2010 15:40:55  Quick ’n’ dirty - setting up Designer under Ubuntu

@1, Stephan: Yes I did try the installer. Couldn't get it working at all on x64. Did get Notes 7 installer running on x32, but not 8.*

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3Dan Kegel  11/30/2010 16:50:58  
Quick ’n’ dirty - setting up Designer under Ubuntu

It'd be nice to get this recipe automated.

Please consider writing a script that does

these steps for the user.

For example, you could contribute a verb

for { Link } that would

do the job.

4Ian Marson  02/07/2011 4:27:38  
Quick ’n’ dirty - setting up Designer under Ubuntu


Got as far as being able to open administrator but if I click on the notes icon in the bookmarks bar nothing happens. If I right click I notice that the option to open is greyed out. Any ideas?

5Michel Morin  11/29/2012 16:10:25  
Quick ’n’ dirty - setting up Designer under Ubuntu

I've followed the steps, copied the required .dll's and the font folder, When I try to launch the designer I get login prompt, enter passwd, the I get the layout of the designer which stays for about 5 seconds before nsd get's triggered, any pointers on what I did wrong? I'm new to Linux , I did make a link to my id file as it is associated to the Notes client running on linux and I wanted to keep the same id for both.



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