Using Notes to overcome an iPhone restriction

Mat Newman  February 11 2010 18:43:47
Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg (Lekkim) identified a problem with iPhone synch, that is, you can only have one "ActiveSynch" account.

The problem: iPhone won't Synch more than one account
The Solution: Lotus Notes!

Using the Notes client (8.5.1) within your calendar, you can create a federated Calendar, which can be synched with your Notes calendar and stored off-line, which then means it is accessible through a mobile device (like an iPhone);

Image:Using Notes to overcome an iPhone restriction

Lotus Traveler becomes the ActiveSynch account on the iPhone, while the Notes client - replicating with the Domino server, and Synching with  an external account (like Google Calendar) becomes the tool that unifies all the required information.

Hope this helps Mikkel :-)


1Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg  02/11/2010 22:23:28  
Using Notes to overcome an iPhone restriction

It definitely does help and I didn't think of it. Good suggestion and it will solve the immediate problem. One issue it doesn't solve is the problem of actually creating appointments in the private calendar on the iPhone. For that I need to use CalDAV which was another suggestion I got.


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