Lotus Traveler including Android, IT ... JUST ... WORKS

Mat Newman  December 15 2010 21:17:58
I had the pleasure of installing the latest release of Lotus Traveler this afternoon:

Yes, its the one you've been waiting for, the production version of Traveler that includes Android (2.1+) support.

Upon arriving in my client's office this morning and reading the news of it's release, I immediately hit PartnerWorld to download the software.  Needless to say, it took more clicks to get to the software download on PartnerWorld than it did to perform that actual install.

What was the process?
1.        Download the software, which took all morning on a 1.5mb satellite link,
2.        Shut down the Traveler's Domino server, ie: type "exit' at the console on the server (no problems here, the Traveler server is in a cluster, so the Notes users connected to it immediately failed over to it's cluster mate - have I mentioned before?  DOMINO ... CLUSTERING ... JUST ... WORKS!),
3.        Run the downloaded .exe file (Yes Windows, I DO want to run this file: I would NOT have clicked on it otherwise),
4.        Confirm the install location, and then; oh ... nice!
Image:Lotus Traveler including Android,  IT ... JUST ... WORKS

5.        Click Install to proceed with the installation, then
6.        um, no - I don't need to visit  the Traveler info-center right now ... thanks, and
7.        Start the Domino server again.

It's that simple!

Remember how being a Domino Administrator is simple!

Anyway, I hunted down the user who - 2 weeks ago on my arrival in Timor-Leste - had presented me with his brand new LG gw620 (running Android), and walked him through the steps to install the Traveler client on his device.

Again, it's simple:
1.        Connect the device to the nearest company wireless network (there's no data on the mobile/cellular network here, but if you have a data plan on your device, and your server is available on the Interweb, you could skip this step!)
2.        Open the browser on the device,
3.        Point it to,
4.        Log-in,
5.        Yes: you ARE correct, you clever notes web page, I AM connecting using an Android device, and I would like you to install now!
6.        Answer the questions in the wizard, then
7.        BINGO - my first Lotus Traveler 8.5..2.1 client installed in production on Android

BTW: If your Domino Administrator believes in keeping things simple, you might be lucky enough to have an address that's easy to remember, rather than the one at step 3, and, you have to replace "" with the server address your Administrator gives you!

I'm sure by now that our Dark Sith of all-things-networking-and-servers - Scott Headlam - has already installed Traveler on our production servers in the data centres as soon as he had the opportunity to type "sudo install traveler", Did I mention that Traveler now runs on your Linux servers, as well as the M$ ones?

Anyway, if you have users running Android devices, you now have NO excuse to fob them off.

Like the Windows, Nokia/Symbian, iPad/iPod/iPhone users before them, Android is now ready for business.

And like everything Lotus Traveler:  IT  ...  JUST  ...  WORKS!


1Ed Brill  12/15/2010 23:33:02  
Love it!

Love it - shared your feedback with the dev team and execs

2wayne  03/19/2011 13:25:20  
Lotus Traveler losing login details and then not syncing

Anyone else having problems with Traveller losing login details when phone is restarted. Then not being able to resync. I am trying to roll out a cupla hundred phones and this bug started. We have to cleanout all email and resync, start from scratch. It may be because the program is automatically put in start up and misses the 3g connection.

The users have to then spend 10 minutes re-enter all the login details and resync the phone. Damn frustrating

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