Almost settled in...

Mat Newman  October 19 2010 11:01:31
We've been in the new office now for almost 2 weeks, and I finally feel like my new workstation is set-up.  Finally.

It's taking a little getting used to, not having my own office.  For the first time in almost 20 years I'm a cubicle dweller.

Image:Almost settled in...

The nice thing is the closer interaction with people around me.  The big difference is not having that quiet space while writing code or making phone calls.

We've dubbed our little corner of the office 'The Bat Cave', due to the heritage listed quarry wall behind us - it provides a really cool atmosphere :-)

Image:Almost settled in...

Now all we need is a bat-signal to shine up there, or for when a client calls for help.  Anyone know where we can get one?


1Mary Beth Raven  10/19/2010 14:11:10  
Almost settled in...

Hum.. we might be able to get you a spotlight that displays the Notes logo..... or ... "Lotus Knows..." :)

2Mat Newman

10/19/2010 14:16:44  Almost settled in...

@1, Mary Beth; Lotus KNOWS you just made my day! And you're sending one (either one) of those to us....

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3Craig Davies  10/19/2010 22:10:22  
Almost settled in...

Hmm,I can tell this is a trainers work place...I see Minties!

4Ray Davies  10/19/2010 23:28:45  
Almost settled in...

It has a red stripe? Should it not be yellow? Could spray paint it of course!

Nice but where is the boombox?

5Mat Newman

10/20/2010 6:43:59  Almost settled in...

@3, Craig: Yep, 'The Notes Guy with all the Minities' ... that's one of the nicer things I've been called ;-)

@4, Ray: No - I haven't got the yellow-striped one, but I still have my 'Dedicated server for Domino' launch t-shirt. There is one of these in our rack though ;-)

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