A hidden GEM - Creating links from IBM Connections that will open in the MOBILE APP rather than a browser!

Mat Newman  October 30 2014 00:24:42
Remember the absolutely awesome Google Chrome Extension for IBM Connections that I wrote about a little while ago? No? Ok - go refresh yourself on it HERE (Link: )

You're back.  Now for the good stuff. Did you know that this extension has a hidden feature that will create a link for you from an IBM Connections site THAT WILL OPEN IN THE CONNECTIONS MOBILE APP and not a browser?

Yep! A link you can email or share, that will open in the CONNECTIONS MOBILE APP :-)

What I didn't know at the time, but have now been enlightened to it's inclusion by the developer - Romain Lienard - is that the extension contains a VERY neat hidden feature that will enable you to create a link from the currently open IBM Connections page in a browser, which you can then share.  

This is especially useful for calendar entries and including file resources that will subsequently end up on a mobile users IBM Notes Traveler Calendar or Email (or any other Mobile email client), but of course, can be used to link to anything in Connections,  and will then provide a mobile user the ability to open the link in the IBM Connections mobile app - COOL!

There are a couple of steps to set it up, which are pretty easy:
1.        Right-Click the IBM Connections extension icon, then choose "Manage"
Figure 1: Manage Settings

2.        Click the "Options" link in the IBM Connections extension section
Figure 2: Click Options

3.        Click the link "Manage Short-cuts"
Figure 3: Manage

4.        Add a Short-Cut keyboard combination to "Add the current URL to the Mobilizer Queue" (Note: I used "Ctrl+M")

5.        Add a Short-Cut keyboard combination to "Open the URL Mobilizer assistant to help you turn connections links into mobile links" (Note: I used "Ctrl+Shift+M")

6.        Click OK
Figure 4: Set short cuts

7.        Click "Save Settings"

That's it, ready? Let's use it ....

1.        Use the keyboard Short-cut you specified at step 5 in the previous section (I used Ctrl+Shift+M) to launch the Extension page in it's own Tab,
2.        Go back to IBM Connections, navigate to the Connections resource you want to link to (eg: File, Wiki, Forum, Activity, Profile, etc),
3.        Now use the keyboard short-cut from step 4 in the previous section to capture that URL (Ctrl+M)
4.        Go back to the extension tab and VOILA! The mobile link you can now copy and paste anywhere which includes both a BROWSER and IBM Connections MOBILE APPLICATION link!

You can keep the Extension Tab open while you keep on pressing (In my case "Ctrl+M") to capture additional links in the same session, in case you want to create something like your own newletter with both Mobile and App friendly links!

Thanks Romain, an AWESOME tip!

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