Bruce Elgort. Legend. Thanks

Mat Newman  October 2 2013 15:15:52
Without doubt, one of the strongest forces within the Community over the years has been Bruce Elgort.

Knowledgeable Contributor.  Gifted Developer.  OpenNTF Driving Force.  Fierce Friend.

For over a decade, beginning with the NotesOSS (Notes Open Source or "Notes Sauce") initiative, Bruce has been instrumental in building the organisation that what we know today as the largest single collection of source code - OPEN SOURCE code - available for everything IBM Collaboration Solutions - OpenNTF.

OpenNTF has provided developers with the opportunity to share their ideas, collaborate to provide solutions and educate themselves based on the contributions of others.  As a developer resource for anyone interested in IBM ICS technologies it's simply one of the most important resources available.

But it's not only the Community that have contributed and benefited from OpenNTF, IBM has donation of vast amounts of code, samples, and what has eventually become core features based on feedback derived from the site.  Bruce worked tirelessly to ensure IBM's involvement and commitment to the OpenNTF project.

To his students at Clark College, he's simply one of the most insightful, dedicated and supportive Professors they will ever encounter.

To me, he's one of the brightest minds in the community.  Our thought provoking discussions have always challenged my perceptions and made me see things from another perspective.  And he gives great (HUG)'s.

Today, Bruce steps down as Chairman of the OpenNTF board and I'm looking forward to the chorus of Thanks that will echo from the community for Bruce's hard work and dedication over so many years.

Including mine.

Thanks Bruce. (hug)

1Antoine Leboyer  10/02/2013 18:06:12  
Bruce Elgort. Legend. Thanks

Mine too.

Many thanks to Bruce's fabulous work.


2John  10/02/2013 18:50:02  
Bruce Elgort. Legend. Thanks


<loud cheering>

<standing ovation>

3Stuart McIntyre  10/02/2013 20:56:08  
Bruce Elgort. Legend. Thanks

'Knowledgeable Contributor. Gifted Developer. OpenNTF Driving Force. Fierce Friend.'

Very well sad Mat.

4Peter Presnell  10/02/2013 21:58:12  
Bruce Elgort. Legend. Thanks

Many years ago (before the concept of IBM Champion was established) I created a Web site called Lotus Legends in which I tried to recognize the great many people (inside and outside IBM) that had contributed greatly to the the community. At the time there two people who stood out (to me) as being heads and shoulders above the rest because of the long-standing wide-ranging contributions they continually made to the community. Bruce was one of those people. Most of the truly great contributions to the Notes community such as OpenNTF and Ideajam can be traced back to Bruce's involvement. I congratulate Bruce on those many achievements and the vital role he has played on the openNTF board.

5Gayle Elgort  10/03/2013 4:13:40  
Bruce Elgort. Legend. Thanks

Why don't they have LIKE buttons on blog posts???? :D Well said Mat!

6Brian Cheng  10/05/2013 20:21:02  
Bruce Elgort. Legend. Thanks

Bruce! Its been about 6 years since you and I were on stage together. Since then, we've had many a late night chat...I think the last one was just a month ago talking about the man in Yellow ;). You will be missed greatly. Good luck in your future I'm sure our paths will continue to cross. So long and thanks for all the fish!

Mat Newman

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Mat Newman

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