IBM Champions, congratulations and THANK YOU

Mat Newman  June 27 2011 16:43:13
It's old news now, but it's taken a few days to truly sink in.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2011 IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions:
Adam Brown
Bill Malchisky
Bruce Elgort
Carlos Casas
CheeChin Liew
Chris Miller
Chris Toohey
Daniel Recio
David Leedy
David Stephens
 Declan Lynch
Eileen Fitzgerald
Eric Mack
Femke Goedhart
Francie Tanner
Gabriella Davis
Giuseppe Grasso
Handly Cameron
John Head
Julian Robichaux

Kenio Carvalho
Lidia Vikulova
Lisa Duke
Marie Scott
Mark Leusink
Mathew Newman
Matt White
Mikkel Heisterberg
Mitch Cohen
Mitsuru Kato
 Nathan T Freeman
Paul Mooney
Paul Withers
Rob Bontekoe
Rob Novak
Sanjaya Kumar Saxena
Serdar Basegmez
Sharon Bellamy
Simon Vaughan
Sjaak Ursinus
Steve Pitcher
Stuart McIntyre
Theo Heselmans
Thomas Duff
Tim Tripcony
Ulrich Krause
Warren Elsmore
Yancy Lent
Yoshihiro Matsuo
Yoshio Maruyama


I've been pondering what it means to be a member of the esteemed group of people above, in the end it's come down to this.

Eighteen months ago I made a commitment to lifting my game, to do things better.  To be more open, more social, to connect, to share and engage with the community.

And YOU responded.  As a community you welcomed me with open arms, listened to what I had to say and gave me feedback that further fuelled my passion for Lotus Software.  Some of you thought my efforts worthy of nomination for this prestigious award.  The Champion panel at IBM considered your nominations and agreed.

To all of you that I have connected to, friended, liked, followed, tweeted, blogged and interacted with, this is an affirmation that I've been doing some things right.  #LotusKnows sharing and engaging with the community only serves to strengthen and expand our ever growing Yellowverse.

In a couple of days I will have been working in IT as a consultant and educator for 16 years, predominantly dedicated to working with IBM/Lotus software.  The last 18 months have without doubt been my most rewarding.

To the Community, from the bottom of my heart, I Thank You.



1Ryan Baxter   06/27/2011 21:06:58  
IBM Champions, congratulations and THANK YOU

Thank you Mat, for all your hard work. You deserve it, congratulations!

2Mat Newman

06/28/2011 9:37:44  IBM Champions, congratulations and THANK YOU

@1, Ryan: Thanks mate! :-)

Mat Newman IBM Champion

Mat Newman

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