Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

Mat Newman  November 27 2014 17:39:07
Yep, it's today.  IBM Notes (nee: Lotus Notes) turns 25.  What an amazing milestone!

Figure 1: Happy 25th Birthday Lotus Notes

Happy Birthday Lotus Notes!


1David Hablewitz  11/27/2014 19:21:47  
Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

Interesting that this would be the same day as IBM's announcement that they are getting back to the consumer roots of Notes with their announcement of making Verse cloud email available to consumers for free! { Link }

2Ray Ramano  11/27/2014 23:01:21  
Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

worst email program ever!

3Emilio  11/28/2014 10:14:41  
Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

Hi Mat you owe me more pics about Release 1 !!!

Tweeter them to me please,

Thank you !


4jlgraupera  11/28/2014 10:32:11  
Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

Ray Amano: amazingly the "worst email program ever" has accomplished the 25th anniversary with 200 millions of users. By the way: Lotus Notes has never been "an email program" but one among thousands of quick and easy to develop apps that a company had in average based in a client-server architecture with unique online/offline capabilites

5Marc-Oliver Schaake  12/01/2014 19:15:19  
Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

We are celebrating today. The oldest of us started with the "Lotus Notes Starter Pack 3.2" delivered on 3,5" floppy disks... ;-)

6jp  12/02/2014 1:10:04  
Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

It still amazes me to see many of Mat's forums always having to have some user add their little useless digs against Notes. After 25 years they still don't see it.......they never will!

7Ajay  12/03/2014 23:59:12  
Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

Proud to be associated with lotus notes.......many more to go.

8Mat Newman

12/08/2014 12:08:32  Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

@7, Ajay: As someone tweeted a few days ago: "Lets just say any product with millions of users will have a few customers unhappy, and live with that, shall we?" ;-)

Mat Newman IBM Champion

9Roby  12/26/2014 0:37:56  
Happy 25th Birthday IBM Notes

Ray Ramano : try to make a blog like "{ Link } in "Notes") with your other email program and come back to show us. Good luck... :o)

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