HCL Software Portal Launched for Customers and Partners

Mat Newman  July 2 2019 15:46:02
Figure 1: HCL Software Portal Features

Earlier today, HCL Software (the newly announced division of HCL Technologies) was launched in a press release formally announcing that HCL had completed the purchase of the IBM software announced late last year.

As part of this new entity, today HCL Software launched their new portal (Built on PORTAL and DOMINO!), which provides Customers and Partners a one-stop site where they can receive product information, learn about purchasing software, gain support, connect with partners, and get contact information relevant to their requirements.

One of the things I love about the Portal is the introduction video by Raj Iyer, VP of Product Management for HCL Software, where he outlines the guiding principles and values that HCL are utilising:


Customer-driven roadmaps, transparent development, joint innovation


Rest APIs, 3rd party integration, partner-led product extensions


Practical innovation powered by technologies like machine learning and analytics


Market currency for platforms, languages and methodologies


User experience, Hybrid on-premises/cloud offerings


Containerised deployment, lower TCO, simplify offerings

I especially like Raj's closing quote: "We at HCL truly believe the the best days of these products lie ahead of us, and with your support and commitment, we can translate that belief into reality."

We are absolutely ready to engage with you to help you better understand, utilise and help us plan the future of our portfolio.

Whether you are a Customer, or Partner, please sign up on our new Welcome Portal Page:  

Figure 2: HCL Software Portal Features

1Ursus Schneider  07/02/2019 19:28:45  
HCL Software Portal Launched for Customers and Partners

registration not possible ATM -> please come back later.

Message on page:

Due to the current acquisition, our systems are currently being upgraded. This page will be available shortly, please check back.

Is the link correct?

2Mat Newman

07/02/2019 20:04:17  HCL Software Portal Launched for Customers and Partners

@1, Ursus: Yes, the link is correct. Please be patient until the registration link becomes available, I may have been too early with the announcement.

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3Ursus Schneider  07/02/2019 22:33:38  
HCL Software Portal Launched for Customers and Partners

Works now :)

4Mike Duffy  07/22/2019 6:39:47  
HCL Software Portal Launched for Customers and Partners


I enjoy reading your posts.

Your enthusiasm for the products perched by HCL will serve

the well. You are highly respected and your crew in the community

will be invaluable as they move into this market.

Q: Does the HCL purchase include Lotus Org? I have been a

huge fan for years, and am now running v6.1 on Win 7.

Using Parallells I have it running on my MNacBook, but Parallells + Windows takes up a lot of HD space.

Has HCL purchased Org as well as Notes?

Would you expect an update?

Any chance they'll port the program to the Mac platform?

Best regards, and much success in your new venture,

Mike Duffy

Prince Edward island


5Mike Duffy  07/22/2019 6:40:43  
HCL Software Portal Launched for Customers and Partners

Sorry for all of the typos. Darn predictive typing!!!


6Paul Siegel  08/10/2019 4:15:07  
HCL Software Portal Launched for Customers and Partners

We are having some difficulty creating an ISV/Partner account on ( Yes, we now appear as a "customer," but can't register as a "partner." No idea why. Any recommendations?

Separately, we have a learning management platform built on Domino which (I've been told by top Domino experts) let have never seen such an advanced implementation. 100% browser-based.

We are looking for team members to help extend it.

Mat Newman

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Mat Newman

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