How many ways can you customize IBM Notes 9 ... Plenty!

Mat Newman  February 12 2013 17:04:37
Pleased to share the BP104 session from IBM Connect by Margo Ezekiel, Ram Krishnamurthy and myself that shows you how many ways you can customize IBM Notes 9:

The exceptional ability to customise IBM® Notes®  to fit your customer or business needs continues with the new IBM Notes 9 Social Edition.  Learn how to make company-wide changes and tweak Notes to suit your personal work style.  

Margo, Ram and Mat will show you how to fine tune your client experience and improve your productivity by adjusting settings, and we'll offer hidden gems on how to personalise, manage and master the new pieces as well the new features to enhance the more traditional components.  
You will leave brimming with the latest and greatest tips for the latest and greatest client so you can have it YOUR way and make it WORK for You!



1Lars Olufsen  02/12/2013 23:35:35  
How many ways can you customize IBM Notes 9 ... Plenty!

That was another brilliant session, Mat, Margo and Ram!

Tons of inspiration, and a strong reminder of how powerful a client the Notes client is.

Thanks guys!

2Ray Bilyk  02/13/2013 3:54:58  
How many ways can you customize IBM Notes 9 ... Plenty!

Awesome! Simply awesome!

3Matt Seeberger  05/23/2014 1:59:22  
How many ways can you customize IBM Notes 9 ... Plenty!


Are there any recordings of this session? The slides are really helpful and audio or video to go with it would be awesome.

I tried to attend an OpenMic this morning on this same topic but it took place at 3am my time. Were you presenting? If so, was it recorded?

Thanks again, I look forward to using these items to customize our environment.

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