How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

Mat Newman  July 18 2012 08:42:35
A question I get asked frequently by Admins and Help Desk staff about Lotus Notes is how to view message headers in Lotus Notes email, you know - the information that gives all the details about the routing paths, times and delivery details for a message that originated from an internet address.

There are two ways to do this, the first is to browse through the document properties of a selected message.  Choose the message in question, and the press [Alt]+[Enter] on your keyboard to bring up the document properties, where you can browse through the fields like RouteServers, PostedDate, etc.

Figure 1: A document properties window showing individual delivery fields

Lotus Notes message headers using the properties dialog

Lotus Notes Tip:
The Document Properties dialog can be used to display information about anything in Lotus Notes, not just an email message.

The second is even easier:
1.        Open a message
2.        From the View menu choose Show -> Page Source

Figure 2: The message header information

Lotus Notes message headers using the View -> Show -> Page Source option

There it is, all the delivery information relating to a particular message, full screen with all the transfer and routing information included.

Viewing message headers in Lotus Notes. Easy.

Enjoy :-)

Mitch Cohen just pointed me to Wes Morgan's excellent series which explains message headers in more detail, get the full story HERE:


1Stephan Kopp  07/18/2012 18:32:27  
How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

how to view the mail header was not a new information, but I didn't know the [Alt]+[Enter] shortcut ;-)


2Mat Newman

07/18/2012 21:47:51  How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

@1, Stephan: Glad I could help you learn something new :-)

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3Rob Novak  07/19/2012 4:15:52  
How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

Can you believe it took me 15 years to find that View->Show->Page Source? Now I use it daily.

4Anthony  07/19/2012 8:55:51  
How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

Another one : Drag&Drop to .eml on desktop, and edit with notepad(++).

5Mat Newman

07/19/2012 22:20:51  How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

@3, Rob: Same boat, using Lotus Notes for 20 years and I still learn stuff about it every day thanks to 'ingenious' users ;-)

@4, Anthony: Nice one!

Mat Newman IBM Champion

6Jose Reyes  10/04/2013 2:12:11  
How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

Hi Mat,

Do you know how to get at this programmatically via LotusScript or formula? I'd like to set up an action so my users can click one thing to forward an email to our spam filtering service.

7Jose Reyes  10/04/2013 3:47:18  
How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

Whoops, never mind. I think I found an answer to my question. :)

8Jomar  10/09/2013 15:04:25  
How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

im a newbie on lotus notes.

i also need to get the header to check the mail hop.

but on my end Page Source is greyd out.

9Mat Newman

11/08/2013 14:42:16  How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

@8, Jomar: If the message is internal there are no Internet Message Headers. Use the Action Bar and choose "More" -> "Delivery Information".

Mat Newman IBM Champion

10sreekumar  10/28/2014 18:25:19  
How to view Message Headers with ip address in Lotus Notes??

How to view Message Headers with ip address in Lotus Notes??

11Alexander Kogan  04/01/2015 0:46:43  
How to view Message Headers in Lotus Notes

'Make a dialog form with one field: RECEIVED

' call it from an Action in your Memo button like that:

Mask := "tm_frm11_Dlg_Header";

Titel := "Mail-Header";

@DialogBox( Mask ; [AutoHorzFit] : [AutoVertFit] :

[OkCancelAtBottom] :

[NoFieldUpdate] ; Titel )

'Hide your Button with: @IsNotMember("[Admin]";@UserRoles) | ! @IsAvailable(RECEIVED)

'in QueryOpen of your Memo form

Call ReSequenceField(Source.Document , "Received")

'in any Script Lib create new function that rewrites the field "Received" like that:

Sub ReSequenceField(doc As NotesDocument, fieldname As String)

On Error GoTo ErrorThrower

If Not doc.HasItem(fieldname) Then Exit Sub

Dim temp As variant, x As Integer, item As NotesItem, temp1 As string

Dim headerFields As String

headerFields = "DKIM_Signature;X_...;DeliveredDate;From;ReplyTo;SendTo;$MessageID;In_Reply_To;References;Subject;MIME_Version;Return_Path"

ReDim temp(0)

x = 0

Set item = doc.GetFirstItem(fieldname)


ReDim Preserve temp(x)

temp(x) = "Received:> " + Replace(Replace(item.Text, " ", " "),Chr$(9), " ")

x = x + 1


Set item = doc.GetFirstItem(fieldname)

Loop Until item Is Nothing

If fieldname = "Received" Then

While Len(headerFields) > 0

temp1 = element(headerFields,";")

If InStr(temp1,"...") > 0 Then

ForAll it In doc.Items

If mid$(,1,Len(StrLeft(temp1,"..."))) = strLeft(temp1,"...") Then

ReDim Preserve temp(x)

temp(x) = + ":> " + it.values(0) + Chr$(13) + Chr$(10)

x = x + 1

End if

End ForAll


If doc.hasitem(temp1) Then

Set item = doc.getfirstitem(temp1)

ReDim Preserve temp(x)

temp(x) = temp1 + ":> " + item.values(0) + Chr$(13) + Chr$(10)

x = x + 1

End If

End if


End If

Call doc.replaceitemvalue(fieldname, temp)

'Set item = New NotesItem(doc, fieldname, temp)

Exit sub


Error Err, Error &_

Chr(13) + "Im Modul: " & CStr( GetThreadInfo(1) ) &_

Chr(13) & "In Zeile: " & CStr( Erl ) &_

Chr(13) + "In Methode: " & CStr( GetThreadInfo(10) )

End Sub

12Imtiaz   09/25/2018 17:10:34  
How restric note user to sending mail a specific user

There is a requirement from management

a user restrict to send mail only a specific user only on domino domain , please guide me in this regard how restrict him

Thanks in Advance


13Syed  01/18/2019 22:20:11  
How to view Message properties in Lotus Notes

How to identify , is the mail got processed by a mail rule or not.. ?

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