IBM Connect 2014, AD501 - IBM Worklight for IBM Domino Developers

Mat Newman  February 11 2014 13:59:04
This year at Connect I presented a session "IBM Worklight for IBM Domino Developers".  The idea was to show Domino Dev's how easy it is to transition from creating pure browser-based applications utilising XPages with the Extension Library + Mobile Controls that are included out-of-the-box with Domino 9 to creating a native application utilising IBM Worklight which has IBM DOMINO as the back end data service.

There were three demonstrations included within the presentation:
  • Building a mobile site using XPages, the Extension Library and Mobile Controls in under 5 minutes,
  • What is possible with DDS and how to make calls through DDS to handle Views, Navigation, Searches and Documents that return JSON objects, and
  • How to construct a Native application within IBM Worklight that draws on DDS.

Unfortunately there were some major technical issues with the first repeat of my session (we went through 3 devices on the main stage before we found one that worked! :-( ) so I was not able to run through the demos in that repeat.  Fortunately, the second repeat had everything working and the attendees saw the presentation in all it's glory, including the Demos; where I managed to build a mobile application in 4 minutes and 17 seconds.  Yes it really is that easy!  Thanks again Paul Hannan for the tutorial that is online for everyone to work their way through.  And yes, even without any XPages experience, you will be able to follow this to create some fantastic mobile apps and modernise you Domino environment.

Back to the session.

I've included some additional slides and links to help the reader more easily understand the context within which a developer with Domino experience can easily draw on the Domino Data Service API to CRUD data from a Notes Database application.  The session runs through a description of what DDS is, how it's enabled, and then walks through creating the mobile application with Worklight.  Again, the importance of Paul's tutorial here in explaining the mobile controls and how to configure them is easily transferred into the Worklight IDE, the main point being that the properties and configuration of the mobile controls within Worklight is VERY similar to Domino Designer Eclipse.


1Adrian Reason  08/15/2014 17:40:02  
IBM Connect 2014, AD501 - IBM Worklight for IBM Domino Developers

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