IBM Connect 2016 - IS1406 #UserBLAST

Mat Newman  July 20 2016 16:55:05
UserBLAST 2016 is the latest in a series of presentations I've put together to help users understand and appreciate some of the best (and sometimes hidden) features of the IBM software that I love working with so much.

This year I had taken some direction from the inspirational Paul Mooney, who had advised that to truly qualify as a "BLAST" a session needed to have as many tips included within the allotted time, such that attendees would leave the room feeling like they had just "drunk from a fire-hose of information" with their heads spinning from the experience.

With that in mind, I put together a huge deck brimming full of ideas which allowed less than 30 seconds per slide for explanation in order to get through it all. This of course, resulted in "#UserBLAST2016" and - I hope - finally qualifies as a true "BLAST". I've had a lot of fun with it, not only being able to present this at IBM Connect, but also #Inform (AusLUG) in Australia, #Engage in Europe and a number of Business Partner lead events here in South East Asia. It was even more fun delivering it in Sydney for #Inform back in March, because the organisers told me that my allowed time was only 30 minutes instead of 50 ... only moments before the session started! Of course, I was completely out of breath at the end of that session and If you've ever heard an Australian calling a horse-race, you would understand why ;-)

Here's the Abstract:
It's time for your annual injection of Energy, Enthusiasm and Education! Join the man in #Yellow as he BLASTS his way through his top tips on Desktop, Browser, Mobile and even Cloudy aspects of the IBM Collaboration Solutions portfolio. Learn how to best utilise Notes/Domino, Connections, Traveler/Verse and Sametime to ensure effective communication and collaboration both inside and outside of your organisation. Everything a User needs to know about the "cool" stuff from IBM, Don't miss #UserBLAST!

Here's the Session:

As always, I'll be monitoring my social network streams for questions or gripes about Notes, so that I can prepare another bucket load of tips for #UserBLAST2017.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please ask!

I'm always happy to help a Notes user.



1Nicki  07/20/2016 21:15:23  
IBM Connect 2016 - IS1406 #UserBLAST

I imagine you would be like "Mat on speed" mode while going through the list! LOL By any chance will it be recorded? I'd love to see this!

2Fred Kuijpers  07/27/2016 3:42:54  
IBM Connect 2016 - IS1406 #UserBLAST


I met you several times, last time on Engage in Eindhoven, and i enjoyed it very much!

Is there any way to get youre oresentation in PDF or better in Powerpoint? I would like to use it in our organization to prove that IBM Notes is more than just E-Mail.

I've been working with Notes since version 2.9 in 1992 and as you know it gets harder and harder to convince the Outlook adeptors that Outlook isn't better then Notes.

But i guess you know the struggle 😔

Maybe you're presentation can help me to open their eyes or help the people who are in the middle........

Hope to hear from you!




Still working at the Dutch Tax Office with Domino/Notes version 9.2 for 35.000 users 😜

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