IBM Connect-lotusphere 2013 BP101 UserBlast

Mat Newman  February 7 2013 10:38:24
IBM Connect, BP101 UserBlast!

This is my session that takes the top 40 user tips I've helped users out with during the last year, and includes some new features dedicated to the new IBM Notes 9 client.  As an added bonus, every tip that can be rolled out to users via policy to enable them to make use of the feature is included as additional slides so Administrators can easily deploy them.


1Lars Olufsen  02/07/2013 19:06:09  
IBM Connect-lotusphere 2013 BP101 UserBlast

Loving the added policy slides, Mat. You're the bees knees, buddy!

2Mat Newman

02/08/2013 8:37:20  IBM Connect-lotusphere 2013 BP101 UserBlast

@1, Lars: No worries mate, I thought some admins might find them useful :-)

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