IBM ConnectED 2015 MAS101: #UserBLAST2015

Mat Newman  February 6 2015 17:51:15
#UserBLAST has been a session I've done for the past few years, beginning (sort of) with "Where is the Love" at Lotusphere 2010.  Inspired by Gabriella Davis and Paul Mooney's AdminBLAST sessions, the idea has always been to demonstrate the power of my favourite piece of software (hence posting "25 Notes on 25 years of Notes" before this post) by showing people where stuff is and how it works in the Notes client.

This year, the speakers slide included a couple of additional names, Gabriella and Susan Bulloch.  The reason their names are on there is because I wanted to pay tribute to two of the most influential people who have helped me in my professional development, and who are both simply amazing individuals. Both are always happy to selflessly share their insight, expertise and experience.

Gab: Thank you for being you. Your knowledge when it comes to Administering the products we love is unmatched. The way you share your knowledge through your blog, presentations and in person is always light-bulb inspiring! I thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions, and for always finding the answer if you didn't already know it off the top of your head. The technology might be changing, but thankfully you are not!

Susan: Thank you for always answering my questions, and for fixing the stuff that needed to be fixed.  You have also been the best track Mum any presenter could ever hope for. The way you take care of your speakers, and the way you put together a track bursting with awesomeness every year is because you care. And we care about you. The standing ovation before the session on Sunday afternoon from a room full of people who were there for the content in YOUR track demonstrated that!  I am honoured that you selected me to succeed you. I will ensure that Best Practices will continue, whatever form it takes.

And now the session. What made UserBLAST a little different this year is that I decided it was time to put everything together, to explain a few of the "nuts and bolts" under the hood, before diving into the usual bucket load of tips about using the Notes client.

I'm glad so many people told me they found something they didn't know about Notes, that's the whole reason I do this session, to ensure that everyone knows how brilliant this piece of software really is.

And again, I'll be monitoring my social network streams for questions or gripes about Notes, so that I can prepare another bucket load of tips for #UserBLAST2016.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please ask!

I'm always happy to help a Notes user.



1Hogne Bø Pettersen  02/06/2015 22:08:55  
IBM ConnectED 2015 MAS101: #UserBLAST2015

And thank you, Mat, for being my main inspiration and directly responsible for my "Love Your Notes Client" classes that I give both at my own employer, but also at IBM User groups and other companies.

Just finished a 3 hour sessions wowing our newest employees about everything that you can do in Notes.

2Gabriella Davis  02/07/2015 2:21:37  
IBM ConnectED 2015 MAS101: #UserBLAST2015

Just saw this .. and I thought my ConnectED crying was done with. I get reminded how amazing this community can be when I meet or talk to the people in it , and that gives me a renewed sense of purpose, energy and "light". This was all you Mat as always but I thank you so much for the shout out {{hug}} [reposting on FB for those that see it there ] xx

3Mat Newman

02/07/2015 10:57:53  IBM ConnectED 2015 MAS101: #UserBLAST2015

@1, Hogne: Mate, so glad I could help with your evangelism in the North. It's folks with passion such as yourself who ensure users understand just how good Notes is. Thank you!

@2, Gab: (hug)

Mat Newman IBM Champion

4Mat Newman

02/07/2015 14:20:39  IBM ConnectED 2015 MAS101: #UserBLAST2015

And thanks Carl Tyler for posting one of our Demo's on Youtube Notes 1 mimiks Notes 9

Mat Newman IBM Champion

5John  02/08/2015 3:26:42  
IBM ConnectED 2015 MAS101: #UserBLAST2015

Thanks you, Mat. Reliable as always: ask Mat a question, Mat will answer.

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IBM ConnectED 2015 MAS101: #UserBLAST2015

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