#IBMNotes9 Proud to be a ...

Mat Newman  April 10 2013 12:41:18
Notes User:

IBM Notes 9.0 - Proud to be a Notes User: Notes connects everything together and enables me to be more productive.

Notes Developer:

IBM Notes 9.0 - Proud to be a Notes Developer: I write code once, and it runs anywhere, on any device.

Notes Administrator:

IBM Notes 9.0 - Proud to be a Notes Administrator: My choice of platform, gives my users their choice of theirs.

1Karl-Henry Martinsson  04/11/2013 3:42:00  
#IBMNotes9 Proud to be a ...

Very nice!

But it feels weird to see you in blue... ;-)

2Mat Newman

04/11/2013 9:09:25  #IBMNotes9 Proud to be a ...

@1, Karl-Henry: Mate, you know the shirt's yellow, funny what a blue tint does to it ;-)

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