If you’re not using what you already have, how can something else be ’better’

Mat Newman  April 22 2015 02:13:29
A constant theme in customer meetings recently has been educating our users about the entitlements they already have, the capabilities that are already available to them, and the tools that they have at their disposal.

Figure 1: Shiny, BETTER? REAllY?

Too often we have engaged with customers where the competition has demonstrated something "shiny" (for want of a better word), which the customer has gleefully latched onto as their reason for purporting to switch to another platform, without consulting their existing vendor to see if something equivalent - dare I say "Better" - is already available to them.

Here is a short list of items that have featured heavily in those discussions:
  • ID Vault: The ability to easily reset passwords and sync security credentials with mobile apps,
  • Managed Replica's: Turns the Notes client into a "push-mail" app, effectively removing the requirement for mail replication schedules,
  • Managed Replica's: Enables the Notes client to send mail "in the background", alleviating delays in "Sending" email,
  • Full Text Index's: Want awesome search, on mail content, and attachments? it's been in Notes for years,
  • User policies: Control virtually every setting in the Notes client, enabling consistent configuration and enables many of the features that are not turned on in Notes "by default",
  • TDI/SAML: Single-Sign-On, for Notes, for external applications, and for browser based access, neat-O,
  • Live-Text: The ability to recognise almost any content within ANY Notes application (Not just the Email database, ANY Notes document),
  • Actions: What happens when Live-Text is recognised within a document? Configure an Action to perform the "Next Step" with that recognised text,
  • Widgets: Funky little gadgets which can be surfaced from any web-based application, linked with Live-Text and Actions to radically empower a user and dramatically increase their productivity,
  • Plug-Ins: Those add-ons that can totally transform the Notes client experience and interface,
  • Embedded Experiences: Going beyond Live-Text, Actions and Widgets to surface actionable content directly within an email message,
  • Connections Profiles: The ability to see who a person is within your organisation, their contact details, and access the CONTENT that person has created,
  • Connections Files: Send an attachment? Create 6 copies of a file in a simple exchange "Can you please update...", Really?
  • Presence: Is someone in the office, in a meeting, working on mobile, who knows?
  • Chat: You're online and I have a simple question ...

As I mentioned ... it's a short list (only 15 items), and if you're currently running IBM Notes 9, everything listed above is available to you NOW, FREE-OF-CHARGE with your existing IBM Notes client entitlements.

And that's even before we start talking about the amazing development platform that is IBM Domino, with the ability to create truly transformational business applications that integrate with virtually any external system. Oh, and did I mention those applications can run natively in Notes, a Desktop Web-Browser or a Mobile device with very little effort?

Got any questions about the items on the list?

I would be happy to speak with you on how your organisation can get a "better", using what you already have.

1Bryan Schmiedeler  04/22/2015 12:42:27  
If you’re not using what you already have, how can something else be ’better’

There are some good things on this list, but I have some complaints about FT Indexing.

First, there is a setting for how often the index should be updated. One of those is "immediate" but it is not immediate, it is something like 5 minutes. So my first complaint is do not call it immediate when you really mean 5 minutes (or whatever it is).

This seems nit picky, but it absolutely is not. Tell the user about this cool feature and what will they do. Add a document with the word "humongous" in it and then search for that word, it will not be found, they announce the feature doesn't work. I have seen it a million times, and the users are correct.

I have also seen these indexes go corrupt so many times. User reports something is not being found. I check and it should be found. I rebuild the index, and it it fixes the problem. Happens again and again and again.

Now, managed replicas are awesome. They are done right.

2Lars Berntrop-Bos  04/22/2015 18:58:31  
If you’re not using what you already have, how can something else be ’better’

Dear Brian.

FT indexes absolutely need rebuilding, and that is why IBM has a recommendation in place and a mechanism for doing so automatically. It is much like the difference between a well-maintained boat or car and a badly maintained one: the latter is much more likely to give you a bad experience.

Maintain your Domino servers and you will hear these complaints much less. That means educating your admins, since you seem to be the victim of bad maintenance.

3Bryan Schmiedeler  04/22/2015 23:47:41  
If you’re not using what you already have, how can something else be ’better’

I am sure my admin would not like to hear that. I will ignore that I think if indexes become corrupt then maybe the better solution would be that IBM fix the corruption. And also, in this day and age indexing should be automatic, not set on a schedule. I believe IMB is doing that in Verse, although I will believe it when I see it.

Could you possibly point me in the direction of how to automatically rebuild these indexes?

4Mat Newman

04/28/2015 22:20:51  If you’re not using what you already have, how can something else be ’better’

@Bryan, absolutely correct. Understood that if something happens that should be "immediate" and it isn't that there should righfully be some complaints. Let me get back to you ...

Mat Newman IBM Champion

5Naveen  06/09/2015 17:03:33  
If you’re not using what you already have, how can something else be ’better’

It seems to be a universal problem. Even the SharePoint guys face it -- { Link }

Should we be surprised to find an organization which moved from Lotus Notes to SharePoint, buying a new product whose functionality existed in both Lotus Notes & SharePoint in the first place? :)

Mat Newman

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