Lotusphere 2012, BP102 ’User Blast’ and BP105 ’tick.tick.tick.BOOM’ slides now online

Mat Newman  January 23 2012 06:19:06
The slides from my Lotusphere 2012 sessions are now available online...

Lotusphere 2012: BP102, User Blast

Lotusphere 2012: BP105, tick.tick.tick.tick. #! It's time to Evangelise, Educate and Engergise your users to Get Productive, Get Social and Do BUSINESS!


Every journey begins with 1 step,
1 star can guide a ship across the ocean
1 voice can start a revolution
1 spark can start a fire

Be the 1 to embrace social and start the revolution in your organisation!


1Nite  02/18/2015 23:28:34  
Lotusphere 2012, BP102 ’User Blast’ and BP105 ’tick.tick.tick.BOOM’ slides now online

Great Contents still very useful for users!, Thanks

Mat Newman

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Mat Newman

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