New Features for Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 client on Symbian

Mat Newman  October 9 2011 17:30:00
Lotus Traveler - the server add-in for Lotus Domino that supports mobile client access - has a number of new features for both Administrators and Users in the latest release, 8.5.3.  Today I'm reviewing the new messaging options on Nokia/Symbian.

For Nokia/Symbian users the Mail client on the mobile device is the built-in default messaging application.  Until now, this has meant rendering messages on the device has been a simplified text version of incoming mail.  While the mail client has not changed in 8.5.3 on the device, IBM/Lotus have gotten their hooks into the Nokia messaging application and changed the rendering behaviour for messages to HTML by default.

This means a better reading experience, and for me (Nokia E7 running Symbian Anna) I can now scroll, and pinch-to-zoom on messages within the Lotus Traveler messaging section on the device.  The extended messaging menu features are still the same, with full options for details/reply/forward/file/etc available from either a "hold" touch on the message list, or by touching the "Options" button with a message open.

Image:New Features for Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 client on Symbian

Tip of the Day: I previously had the Traveler settings on the device retrieving only 2K of data per message, I upped this to 5K and now receive most messages in full "rich text", rather than just the text content.  Either way, the messages will still be rendered using the new message interface, rather than the default Nokia Messaging basic-text.

Once the Traveler "installer" on my device detected the new version on my Traveler server it notified me and just a few clicks and a download later the new features were available.  This should be a seamless and pain-free upgrade for your users.


1Sean Cull  10/09/2011 21:10:32  
New Features for Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 client on Symbian

I find the most limiting restriction ( E72 ) is that you cannot search your mail, it makes it practically useless for etickets etc..

It would have been nice if IBM could have found the hooks into that part of the native messaging application.

Mind you i can understand that nokia S3 must be a lower priority than "current" platforms

2Mat Newman

10/10/2011 5:42:35  New Features for Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 client on Symbian

@1, Sean: Agree on searching the Messaging App. The other omission I find perplexing on a 'Business' device are Meeting invitations. Although one can 'share' a calendar entry from the device (creating a vcs notification), and process incoming invitations and assignments, the ability to actually invite someone from a calendar entry is limited to sharing, and not traceable like an actual Meeting Invitation. These couple of additions (searching and invitations) would provide a complete feature set on the Symbian platform. I too am surprised that Nokia/Symbian (behind Blackberry) provides a more complete native feature set ahead of iOS and Android given IBM is an American company, and Nokia/Symbian is virtually non-existent in that market.

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3Kimmo Loponen  11/11/2011 0:30:48  
New Features for Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 client on Symbian

Have you found a way to edit text that you would like to reply or forward? I haven't. The system shows it as [[Original message will be appended below]] but I do not have any possibility to edit it...

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