Really excited to have 2 sessions accepted for IBMConnectEd

Mat Newman  November 27 2014 11:00:15
Received notification overnight that I've had 2 sessions accepted for IBM ConnectEd conference in Orlando, Florida from the 25th - 28th of January, 2015.

The first is #UserBlast; A session that I've really enjoyed putting together over the last few years to showcase the power and capabilities of the IBM Collaboration Platform, of course featuring the IBM Notes client.  This year I'm going back to the format from a couple of years ago and doing 40 tips in 40 minutes, and the big highlight is that I'm being joined on stage by the fabulous Gabriella Davis and Susan Bulloch who are going to help explain how an Admin/Help Desk person can implement those tips for their users.

EVERYTHING you need to know about increasing productivity within your workplace in less than 60 minutes! Mat Newman, Gabriella Davis and Susan Bullock with show you how to Harness the explosive energy of IBM's tightly integrated Collaboration Solutions, enhance your utilisation of existing traditional document editors and RELEASE THE POWER of your employees by understanding how only IBM has the unique capabilities to truly deliver on the benefits of a Socially driven productivity revolution. Ensure you get your annual injection of Information and Enthusiasm to take back to your workplace to energise yourself and your users, don't miss #UserBlast!

The second session is going to be a whole bunch of fun, Carl Tyler, Alan Lepofsky and myself are joining forces to present a historical session on Lotus and IBM/Lotus, running through some of the highlights over the past 25 years, and present a quick overview of where we're heading with IBM Verse, the session title should give it away: @IF("Its Really Good";"It MUST Be Notes";"Must Be Something Else") 25 Notes On 25 Years Of Notes!

25 years of the most revolutionary desktop application ever created condensed into 25 "Notes".  Carl, Alan and Mat will panel their way through the good, the interesting and the controversial as we take you on a trip down memory lane, you'll laugh, you'll cry, but one thing is for certain, you'll fall in love with Notes all over again!

Yep, we're on Count-Down, it's now less than 60 days away!

I look forward to seeing you in Orlando in January :-)
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