Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Mat Newman  July 3 2012 21:57:15
Today, 17 years ago, I earned my first dollar as an IT consultant.  Well, not exactly a dollar; the going rate back then was $25 an hour.  And it was for 3 hours work, so that was $75 ;-)

For the past 17 years Lotus Notes and Domino - in one form or another - has paid the bills, and enabled me to experience some amazing people, places and things.

Whether it was a server room in sub-zero temperatures down South (and "up North"), trouble shooting connections in tropical Timor-Leste, or watching the Giants win against the Vikes in Minneapolis, IT consulting has been both professionally and personally fulfilling.

From Lotusphere to London to Launceston, and a few places in-between, I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Here's to another 17 years.

Ray and Mitch, wherever you are ... Thanks. {Hug}.

1Michael Ruhnau  07/03/2012 22:29:26  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM


Congratulations, Matt.

btw: 15 years for me ;-)

2Per Henrik Lausten  07/03/2012 22:40:07  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

+1 :-)

3Tim Tripcony  07/04/2012 0:02:13  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Well said, my friend.

4Marc Garcia  07/04/2012 0:02:38  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Hi Mat

Well done.

I have opened a Lotus Notes Client everyday of my working life since late 1990 (that's when there was less than 1m users in the world!) when I started a pilot of Lotus Notes v2.0 for the UK Post Office - that's 22 years as a customer and/or business partner.

I wouldn't have it any other way


5Michael Kobrowski  07/04/2012 0:04:35  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Only been part time Lotus for me for the first few years, but I first touched Lotus Notes in 1994. So thats 18 years. Holy crap. Almost full time since 2000 (with short breaks and some other assignments). Wow.

Congrats Matt... and thanks I, L, I.

6Keith Brooks  07/04/2012 0:06:40  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM


7Shean McManus  07/04/2012 0:15:57  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

I like those sentiments Mat...except the Giants over the Vikes part. Those of us up here died a little over that game. I've been doing Notes & Domino work for 14 years and hope the best is still yet to come.

8Göran Lindgren  07/04/2012 0:19:04  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Agree about the journey, 20 yrs for me :-)

9Carl  07/04/2012 0:41:10  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Nicely done Matt.

10Mick Moignard  07/04/2012 0:49:18  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Yeah, me too. First saw Notes 2.0 on August 15, 1991, and have used it every day since sometime in Sept 91. 20 years +. Love every day of it.

11Russ Maher  07/04/2012 3:48:38  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Congratulations Matt!

12Russ Maher  07/04/2012 3:49:29  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

I meant Mat. Dunno' who Matt is.

13Len Berg  07/04/2012 5:15:45  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Nice to see some of the "old" order is still around. I was first Lotus certified in 96. It has been a good living.

14Brett Hershberger  07/04/2012 6:31:05  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Yes indeed thank you!

I too have made my life and living in the Yellowverse. Back in 1996 with Price Waterhouse in one of, if not the largest deployment in the US at the time.

Notes just seemed to "click" with me, I understood it. First as a user then a Developer, then an Admin then a Developer then... then. Notes and Domino have paid my living, bought houses for me, helped raise my family and will send my daughter to college too.

Thanks again Iris, Lotus and IBM.

15Mat Newman

07/04/2012 9:59:34  Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

@All, Thanks guys. nice to see I'm not alone.

Mat Newman IBM Champion

16Jan  07/14/2012 0:17:45  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Yes, there have been great and fun times but the 10 years of fighting against MS-oriented people has taken its toll.

17Kumar  10/29/2013 1:03:59  
Thank you Iris, Lotus, IBM

Feel Like crying when I work for a customer and they are migrating out of Lotus Notes. Too much pain, I just cant bear :'(

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