The Global Lotus Notes and Domino Holiday Project

Mat Newman  August 27 2012 23:48:27
Is there a Local "Holiday/Vacation/Bank Holiday/Day Off" you can share with EVERYONE around the world?

Why not submit it to the Global Lotus Notes and Domino Holiday project?

Gabriella Davis from The Turtle Parntership has kindly offered one of The Turtle Partnership's servers to allow EVERYONE around the world to share local holidays to make it much easier for Admins to give their users the ability to Add Holidays to their Lotus Notes Calendar.  Thanks to Gabriella Davis from The Turtle Partnership

Simply download the attached file, add your own Local Holidays, and then replicate with to submit your entries to the Global Holiday Project. (File -> Replication -> Replicate, "With Options", in the server field the first time, type in, then hit OK)

Once you have replicated the database, you will have access to ALL of the Holidays submitted by everyone around the world, which you can then easily copy-paste into the Domino Directory of your own Lotus Notes/Domino Domain for your users to then add to their own Calendar, using "More->Import Holidays"

Tips for Submitting:

Group field:

Country-Region-HolidayGroup eg:


Please ensure you enter the correct name for your local holiday, eg:

Title Field:

Term 1 School Holiday Break

More Examples:

Group: "Germany-Bavaria-Octoberfest"
Title: "Octoberfest Germany"

Group: "England-BankHoliday"
Title: "Queens Birthday"

Ensure the dates in the "Holiday Information" are correct.

For items like School breaks, ensure you "Mark time as: FREE" so people without children still show up for work, for items like Public Holidays, Bank Holidays, etc make sure you enter "Mark time as: BUSY"

Time for some *doing* everyone - download, add holidays and replicate NOW to contribute to the "Global Lotus Notes and Domino Holiday Project"

Get involved, share your Holidays and join this great community project to keep everyone's information up to date.

Right-Click this link, then 'save as' into your Lotus Notes Data folder


Mat Newman


1Fred Janssen  08/28/2012 1:13:54  
The Global Lotus Notes and Domino Holiday Project

Mat, does not seem to resolve in DNS.


2Fred Janssen  08/28/2012 1:21:08  
The Global Lotus Notes and Domino Holiday Project

Also, I am unable to Edit or Delete documents I created myself.

3Jan Van Puyvelde  08/28/2012 4:13:24  
The Global Lotus Notes and Domino Holiday Project

I would suggest marking them all as FREE, so people can import other countries' holidays without making themselves unavailable for meetings.

This is the way the default set of holidays works.

4Happy New year images 2019  11/07/2018 3:12:08  
The Global Lotus Notes and Domino Holiday Project

this holiday project is really very interesting,keep it up man ,this article is really very useful.

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