The value of the Eclipse framework in a Notes environment

Mat Newman  October 21 2011 07:54:58
I have a client who 'lives' in Email.  But they never speak of email, they talk about Notes.  They receive literally thousands of messages a day.  Not bad for a site with only 12 users.  When they open an email from a client their side-bar instantly identifies reference numbers/codes in the message and their side-bar widget presents that related information to them without having to cross-reference another system. That leads to efficiency.

Due to subscriptions at industry sites via RSS, their Inbox's are less cluttered by newsletters, offers and deals, which are instead delivered into their Feeds side-bar.  This means their Inbox requires less monitoring, processing and filing, leading to improved productivity.

When an agent answers a phone call, they don't have to sing-out across the office to the person the call is directed to, they double click the person's name in the Sametime list and let them know a caller is on the line for them.  Even if the agent is in a meeting with a client they are still aware that a call is on-line and can respond with 'please take a message' or 'ask them to hold' as appropriate.

These are just a couple of examples of features that make Notes 'more than email'.  Without the eclipse overlay the agent would need to open the appropriate external application to check on the status of an order or booking.  That's inefficient.

Email is a means to enable communication.  Communication is just one part of the puzzle, Notes with eclipse is the enabler that allows user to get their heads out of their 'Inbox', without having to leave their 'Inbox'.

Email by itself is simply a notification mechanism to identify that work somewhere else needs to be executed.

Lotus Notes with Eclipse provides users with the ability to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and to truly Get Social and Do Business ( :-D ).

That is the value of Eclipse in a Notes environment.

(thought initiated by a discussion on THIS blog)

1Paul Withers  10/21/2011 19:38:11  
The value of the Eclipse framework in a Notes environment

This is why Outlook can't hold a candle to Notes. Notes is not email, it's productivity.

It also perfectly highlights my feelings on reading an article today about notes that said users "won't miss anything by being forced to use the basic client". If used properly, anyone who uses the standard client would be appalled by having to use the basic client. I know I would, if only because it robbed me of WildFire and File Navigator plugins.

2Mat Newman

10/25/2011 9:57:43  The value of the Eclipse framework in a Notes environment

@1, Paul: Quote of the day "It's Not email, It's Productivity". Spot on. The eclipse framework propels the basic communication tenet of email into hyperspace with the productivity gains of integration with other systems. Especially external systems. And it does it with an ease that virtually any user could implement. The social battle has just begun, and the Eclipse framework empowers Notes users with a social and productivity dashboard beyond anything available with any other application.

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