Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

Mat Newman  October 9 2011 07:32:29
One of the questions about Lotus Notes I see frequently is about Voting buttons.  While it is certainly possible to modify the mail database template to include this functionality, a simpler implementation is to use a shared database that enables users to ask questions, choose some recipients and then have an email message sent to those people that contains a doc-link directing the recipient to their answer document.

A couple of years ago I knocked up a sample application for a customer to demonstrate this functionality, I've enclosed it here so you can customise and share.

Image:Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

Just change the ACL to include your own users group as Authors so the default security is enabled. Sign the application with an ID that's trusted to execute code. Then share with your users.

The database could easily be customised to modify the type of questions and responses required, eg: Yes/No, multiple choice, etc...

Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes? Sure ... it's Notes! Enjoy.

Download sample database: VoteInNotes.nsf

1Palmi  10/09/2011 11:18:58  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

Great sample of Voting sample - Thanks

2Mat Newman

10/10/2011 5:41:45  Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

@1, Palmi: Thanks :-)

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3John Head  10/10/2011 7:00:12  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

Mat - please put this on I know many folks who can't use software unless the license is explicit ...

4Mat Newman

10/10/2011 10:04:13  Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

@3, John: Sure thing mate, give me a couple of days to clean it up and I'll submit it.

Mat Newman IBM Champion

5Rainer Lux  01/13/2012 1:40:00  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

very good and nice database, just one thing: how can you prevent users to vote more than once?

6Fredrik  02/17/2012 21:41:41  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

I admit this is the first thing of this type I try with Lotus notes so the answer may be obvious to all but me. However, when I let Lotus Notes open the .nsf it seems to work ok. I fill in the question and recipients. When I press "Send question" I get a popup error box saying: "Cannot write or create fil (file or disk is read-only". This is followed by a second one saying "Notes Error - Cannot write or creat file (file or disk is read-only)".

Which file shall I open for write permissions?

7Gabriel  06/26/2012 0:58:25  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

hello Fredrik,

try to copy this file directly to your disk f.e. to notes folder. and then you have to go to access control list and add you as editor of this application. Please write me back if this works and if you colleagues were able to send you something back, this not working for me :)

8Juan Gonzalez  07/06/2012 3:23:51  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

Hi Mat Newman

I can view this database as a Application on my Applications tab, I send a example to my colaborates, bur que aswer from they, its no possible, the dabase was not localizate.

what I need?


9Mat Newman

07/06/2012 9:58:07  Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

@8, Juan: Did you create a replica of the database on a server? The database needs to be located on a Domino server so that other users can access it. HTH

Mat Newman IBM Champion

10Stephanie  03/28/2013 7:46:15  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

How do you change the answers? I need something besides "Yes", "No" and "No Answer".

11sanjeev  10/08/2013 16:33:48  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes


thanks That works.

Do you have solution when you are writing to 1000 respondents and instead of a mail you would want all responses in a sheet? Like the way google docs worked.



12Mat Newman

11/08/2013 14:26:25  Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

@Stephanie: You need to open the database in designer and modify the form to cater for different Question/Answer types. This is just a demo database to display the capability.

@Sanjeev: There's a View called "All Responses". You can customise this to suit your needs, and then Copy-As-Table to put the information into whatever format you require.

Mat Newman IBM Champion

13Dustin  06/04/2014 2:49:23  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

Where do I put this file?

14Kunal  10/28/2015 21:56:01  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

This has been very helpful. Thanks a ton!

15Tsehua  11/22/2015 3:25:46  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

I'm from Taiwan,Thanks for your sample of Voting sample .

16shauna morasco  02/25/2016 7:17:09  
Voting Buttons in Lotus Notes

Hi Matt,

Are these buttons visible on smart phones? Particularly iPhones?



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