Yes, another year.

Mat Newman  July 3 2013 20:43:12
Last year I wrote how thankful and fortunate I was that my IT consulting career began with Notes and Domino in July, 1995.  18 years ago today, and coincidentally, the month that IBM made it's offer to acquire Lotus Development Corporation.

My 18th year as a Consultant, Educator, Administrator and Developer has been just as full, rewarding, and possibly busier than ever before.

I've been fortunate to have sessions accepted as a speaker at UKLug in England, Kundenforum in Switzerland, Dannotes in Denmark, Social Connections in the Netherlands, IBM Connect in the USA and AusLUG right here in Australia.  I've worked with customers in 9 countries and 23 cities that - according to the Qantas web site - has seen me notch up 220,788 miles in air travel (or roughly the equivalent of 9 trips around the globe).  There have been some memorable times, outstanding friends and wonderful customers that have underlined the hectic, fantastic, unforgettable and magical highlights throughout.

One of this years highlights, joining
Ram Krishnamurthy and Margo Ezekiel on stage with our session live-streamed from Connect
Mat Newman Live on stage at IBM Connect 2013

According to the analytics, it's not just a personal presence that has assisted those I've dealt with as this site has had 109,476 visits from 68,458 unique individuals.  I trust you've been able to put the information I've shared here to good use.

This year has finally seen the demise of the Lotus brand. I, like many, saw this as sad moment in the history of IT.  On reflection, it's probably something that should have happened a long time ago.  Regardless of the name, I will continue to "Lead Blue, and Bleed Yellow".  Yellow always has been - even before I became involved with it - the colour of Collaboration.

I'm excited and looking forward to another year.  Whatever it holds, I'm sure it's going to be an interesting one.

From me and mine, to you and yours, thanks for being part of it.

See you 'round the Yellowverse (hug).

1Russ Maher  07/03/2013 23:32:40  
Yes, another year.

G'day Mat! That's quite a run! Glad to hear it is still going full speed ahead.

2Mat Newman

07/04/2013 11:03:42  Yes, another year.

@1, Russ: Thanks mate!

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3Michael Lucchese  08/14/2013 16:15:06  
Yes, another year.


Spoken like a true legend !

Mat Newman

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