Lotusphere, friends, acquaintances and the LCJG

Mat Newman  January 27 2010 15:00:00
One of the great things about Lotusphere is catching up with friends, acquaintances and of course, the LCJG :-)

The LCJG is Alan Lepofsky, and I'm proud to include him in my circle of friends.  One of the great things about Alan - besides him being one of the genuine nice guy's - is that by associating with him, you are immediately exposed to his friends, acquaintances and associates.  Ed Brill recently wrote about family at Lotusphere, I had the pleasure this year of growing my Lotusphere family, as well as getting together with people that I already knew.

It was a pleasure to connect on a personal level for the first time with Carl, Mitch, Chris and John, people whom I had never met in "real life", but whom I felt I knew from their contributions to the Yellowverse and who I rely upon to keep me up to date.  Yes, I live "down-under", which doesn't mean I'm a mushroom, but sometimes it feels like it.  I have to rely on blogs and tweets from people in the Yellowverse to let me know what happened "yesterday" in the community.  "Yesterday" is a subjective phrase, as it's often "today" in your part of the world, my point is that without the community - especially the extended community around the world - SHARING information and developments as they happen, living in Lotus Land and preaching the Lotus message can sometimes feel like a cold and dark place.  That's why this year I have a new attitude toward blogging and SHARING, as I mentioned in my opening post, and I should acknowledge Peter here, for motivating me to lift my game.

Of course, It's always outstanding to catch-up with the UI guys, MaryBeth, John and Kathy; I really appreciate that they are great people - they would have to be, to put up with the "feedback" I give them - as well as being consummate professionals.

Anyway, back to the LCJG.  When you're around Alan, you meet some amazing people, I had the great fortune of meeting Gary Devendorf, riding the Tower of Terror and Aerosmith with him and learning that despite the blue (Seattle Blue that is) exterior he really does still Bleed Yellow, unlike some of the other folks we ran into @ Disney-Hollywood:  Yes, they are the "Microsoft" contingent - and Yes, you know I couldn't help myself!

Image:Lotusphere, friends, acquaintances and the LCJG

As for the rest of the photo's, I wish I could share them all, but in the best spirit of "What happens at Lotusphere .... " here are a few I felt I could share:

Mel and Joel eating great food (??) at the opening party
Alan, Adam and Mat (Nice ears!!) at the Aussie Day Party
Pseudo Aussie, text in one hand - beer in the other!
Glenn, Gary and Alan heading waiting for the bus
Camera, What Camera?
Yes Denise, we will still respect Portal in the morning...

Is Lotusphere one big party? If you know where to look it is!

But mostly it's about family, thanks Alan - and everyone else - for being part of my family.

1Alan Lepofsky  02/01/2010 11:48:59  
Lotusphere, friends, acquaintances and the LCJG

Mate, that is awfully kind of you. One of the great things about the YellowVerse is that I've made friends all around the world. I'm glad to count you among them. I just hope next time I see you it is in your part of the world, not mine!

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