It’s good to be back in the Classroom and "selling" Notes

Mat Newman  January 28 2010 17:00:00
Back in the classroom today, and back to "Selling Lotus Notes".

It felt just like an old T-shirt, it's comfy, and you know it fits.  That's what it was like being back in the classroom for the first time this year.  I eased myself back into my training schedule with an end-user session, an induction class for one of our clients.  Small group, 6 users - 3 who had never used (or even seen) Notes before.  Outlook users.

As with every session, I listened to their complaints about Notes gleaned from just a few days use, and then launched into my session.  Check frequently that I wasn't loosing anyone, keep on reinforcing the concepts, demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Notes client.

Two things to point out at the end of the session.  The comments from the participants (especially those coming from Outlook) at the end of the session were extremely positive - they could not believe that Notes was such a powerful application, even though we only concentrated on the PIM apps (Mail-Calendar-To Do-Contacts) and - of course - that most useful of tools, the Journal.  The second point is, the client uses Notes 6.5.  I can hear you from here - yes I know - but that's what the client uses within their organisation, and from the Outlook users comments you could see that if you present Notes the right way - even an OLD version of Notes - Notes is STILL more powerful than "just" an email client.

How do I do it - class after class - well, I shared those secrets @ Lotusphere in BP306: How to sell Notes and make all those users your new best friend.  It's not rocket science, just concentrate on Notes Strengths:
  • Collaboration (Share, DONT Send!),
  • Security,
  • Access information from virtually anywhere, and
  • Utilise the POWERFUL Search functionality.

Mix those together, demonstrate how - even with simple PIM apps - all those features are there, and empower your users of Notes with a few databases and web-sites.

If you're having problems with your users coming to grips with Notes, review the link above, get back to the basics, and COLLABORATE.

Overcome that "Hurdle" and you might just find yourself with some Notes users on your hands...
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