Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

Mat Newman  May 15 2012 20:22:15
Following up from a question on yesterdays iCalendar post enquiring about the Weather feed in my Lotus Notes calendar:

"On another note, I would love to know how you got the weather data into your calendar?"

One of the comments pointed to Darren Adams excellent post on the topic, and here are the detailed instructions updated with Weather Underground's current site design.

The steps to add a Weather Calendar feed to Lotus Notes:

1. Visit Weather Underground:
2. Enter your City and choose Search

Add Weather Step 1,2

3. On the Search Results screen, point to the blue drop-down icon
4. Hover your mouse over the "Download iCal" link
5. Right-Click the link and choose "Copy Link Location" (or whatever option is similar in your browser)

Add Weather Step 3,4,5

6. Inside Lotus Notes, open your Calendar, and choose the "Add a Calendar" link under the "Show Calendars" heading

Add Weather Step 6

7. In the "Add a Calendar" dialog, choose "iCalendar Feed"
8. Paste the location copied at step 5 into the "URL" field
9. Choose additional options: "View Offline", Colours and Icons

Add Weather Step 7,8,9

10. The Result: Weather information populated into your Lotus Notes Calendar

Add Weather Step 10

Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar (and making it visible on a mobile device using IBM Lotus Traveler) ... Easy!

Enjoy :-)


1Simon O’Doherty  05/15/2012 21:16:16  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

Good tip! :) Although where I am it is easier just to create a repeating meeting saying "It is most likely raining".

2Frank  05/16/2012 0:11:18  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

Thanks. That is good. I wonder if there are other ideas for cool ical feeds...?

3Darren  05/16/2012 16:00:49  
Other uses for a calendar feed

Although I don't use Notes any more, I use a calendar feed to put the Arsenal fixtures onto my calendar. So, I guess there's a potential for sports fixtures. I know some people who've used it to add the Formula 1 schedule (yawn) to theirs.

4Mat Newman

05/17/2012 12:30:26  Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

@1, Simon: :-)

@2, Frank: Have found a Beauty Mate! How about Facebook Birthdays and Events!

@3, Darren: Thanks for the visit mate, great to have you drop by :-)

Mat Newman IBM Champion

5Manish Oberoi  05/25/2012 15:20:37  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing Mat.

6Shean McManus  05/26/2012 1:36:30  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

Got around to posting this on my internal Notes blog today and it's been a big hit. I love how ics can be used for uses other than just meeting integration. I can only imagine what they might thing about the Facebook birthday's and events but I need to check with the higher powers before I arm them with that information. Thanks Mat!

7Kyle Hartigan  05/28/2012 21:44:25  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

Nice how to Matt, this is quite a nice tip

Look forward to seeing what else can be done with ics

8Lisa Friedland  05/29/2012 9:53:26  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

Well done Matt, very innovative use of iCal !

9Jen Heins  06/07/2012 2:10:14  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

Every time I attempt to add another calendar it does not work. Is there something else I need to have enabled?

10Edson Viana  06/14/2012 23:02:08  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

Very nice tip! Thank you!

11Brent  07/04/2012 6:37:56  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

Another neat use of iCalendar features. I noticed in your example you have checked the box for remote access. Two questions about that -

1) When I enable that feature, the weather shows up twice. First as an "all day" event. Second as an event that shows at 4am. The "all day" event seems to be from the "live" feed while the 4 am entry is where Notes makes a copy for off-line viewing. Do you see that? Do you know I way to only have one of the entries show?

2) The feed only seems to update if I open and close my calendar from within the Notes desktop client. That means my mobile calendar only gets updated if I first access my desktop client. Not good! Any thoughts?

12Joni Snyder  03/19/2015 3:00:06  
Adding the Weather to your Lotus Notes Calendar

I can't seem to find the ical feeds any longer. Did they stop supporting this? Joni

13Terry Boyd  06/01/2015 11:31:41  
Looks like the wunderground iCal feed has bee removed

The users have been pleading for them to bring it back on their forum, but I can't see any sign of it.

There are suggestions to use a URL similar to '{ Link } but I'll be damned if I can get that to work for Sydney, Australia!!

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