Getting Started with IBM Notes 9 - Part 6: Bookmarks

Mat Newman  June 19 2013 16:11:55
As with IBM Lotus Notes 8, the Bookmark bar in IBM Notes 9 is 'hidden' by default, with the functionality available as the 'Open List' from the OPEN button on the new Notes 9 Masthead.

Figure 1: The OPEN button on the Masthead

IBM Notes 9.0 - Bookmarks: The OPEN button on the Masthead

Clicking the OPEN button will reveal the short-cuts available from the 'Open List'.

Figure 2: The Open List revealed

IBM Notes 9.0 - Bookmarks: The Open List revealed

A quick reminder what 'Bookmarks' can do for the user in IBM Notes:
  • Access anything easily
  • Launch Tabs automatically on startup
  • Create new documents
  • Launch Notes applications
  • Launch Other programs
  • Launch Web sites
  • Short cuts and Links
  • Controls the Welcome screen

I've covered how to create bookmarks and what the special More Bookmarks\Create and More Bookmarks\Startup folders do in previous posts

Any bookmark placed in the Startup folder will automatically create a tab when Notes starts, while Bookmarks for blank Notes Forms placed in the Create folder provide New Document short-cuts on the 'New' Tool on the Universal Tool Bar.

As with Notes 8.*, right-clicking on the Open button provides the user with a menu that enables them to 'Dock the Open List'.  With this option selected you will get the Bookmark bar back down the left hand side of your Notes 9 client window.

Figure 3: The Bookmark Bar in the IBM Notes 9 client

IBM Notes 9.0 - Bookmarks: The Bookmark Bar in the IBM Notes 9 client

You will notice in IBM Notes 9 that the OneUI styling has been applied to the standard PIM icons (even the Notebook icon that didn't make it to the masthead) with softer grey shades, rather than the full colour icons from Notes 8.*.

One final note, selecting icons on the Bookmark Bar in Notes 9 is no longer as easy using the Alt+B keyboard short-cut that has been available for a few versions.  Alt+B now activates the Bookmark Bar and one can then navigate the icons using the up and down arrows on the keyboard, rather than just hitting a corresponding icon/number.  I guess someone thought that was easier.

Personally, I prefer my Open List docked, the one click accessibility of the Bookmark Bar is something that I've utilised since Notes 5.  Even with the advent of the Masthead, I still find myself clicking on the bookmarks on the left of the screen, rather than using the Masthead icons.

Which do you prefer?

1Gavin Bollard  07/02/2013 12:21:40  
Getting Started with IBM Notes 9 - Part 6: Bookmarks

I'm trying to encourage my users to keep their open list undocked because then;

1. You can see the FULL name of the system you're trying to open.

2. You can start typing the name of ANY database in your bookmarks list to find and open it. (Same deal as the windows 7 start menu).

Great article but can you tell me how I can add an application to the masthead. Our Clients are 9.0 but our servers are still a mix of 8.5.2/3 so I don't have policies I can modify.


2Mat Newman

07/03/2013 20:29:56  Getting Started with IBM Notes 9 - Part 6: Bookmarks

@1, Gavin: (1) Similarly, with the Bookmarks docked, clicking the "Find" tool (the Binoculars) on the Docked Bookmark bar will open the list the same as clicking the open button, thus revealing the full names of bookmarks/folders and is navigable the same as actually clicking the OPEN button. (2) Same answer as (1)

I will be publishing a step by step on adding to the masthead at the conclusion of the "Getting Started" series. Look out for it soon.

Mat Newman IBM Champion

3Richard  08/01/2017 18:00:24  
Getting Started with IBM Notes 9 - Part 6: Bookmarks

I have been trying to figure out how to add an application (already in my workspace) to my "Favorite Bookmarks" list.

As usual (with Notes) I have spent some while trying to find how to do this within Notes and got nowhere. I also cannot find anything in my web searches.

Many sites explain how to view "Favorite Bookmarks", but none of them seems to explain how to add/remove entries from "Favorite Bookmarks".


Can you please let me know how this is done?

(I am using Notes Social Edition v9)

Mat Newman

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