How to insert your mail signature in a Lotus Notes meeting invitation

Mat Newman  May 28 2013 15:36:30
A couple of weeks ago Russ Maher flicked me a question via twitter whether it was possible to include a Lotus Notes mail signature in a Meeting Invitation.

Well, of course it is! It's Notes, and Notes can do anything! :-)

Initially I thought this was going to require a major hack of the mail file.  However, further investigation revealed an agent in the mail database design that I hadn't really noticed before; it's called - interestingly enough - "(InsertSignature)".  Guess what it does? Yep ... it inserts the signature into the current document from your Mail Database preferences.

The only thing about running this agent is that it's set to be activated from the Agent list (that's a design property), so it's not that easy to get to, and there isn't an easy option in the User Interface that would enable you to run it.  Thankfully - as long as you have Designer access to your mail database - all you need to do is create another agent that triggers the "(InsertSignature)" agent, which is a fairly simple process, and the neat thing; you can still do this even if you don't have Domino Designer installed:
  1. Open your Mail Database (ie: Mail, Calendar or To-Do list in Notes)
  2. From the Create menu, choose Agent and change Change the Agent Type to "Formula"
  3. Paste the following formula: @If(@Command([FileSave]);@Do(@Command( [EditGotoField] ; "Body" );@Command([ToolsRunMacro];"(InsertSignature)"));@True)
  4. Give your agent a name, I've called it "Meeting\Insert Signature", which means it will be available from the "Actions" menu under "Meeting" then "Insert Signature" ([Alt]+[Enter] if you Don't see the Agent Properties)
  5. Make sure the agent property for Target is "None"
  6. Save and close the Agent.

You have to have Designer access with the "Create Agents" role in the Mail Database ACL. If you're not sure what this means, or if you can't follow the instructions above, it's pretty likely that your Admin doesn't let you create agents.  In that case, ask them very nicely to read this post and do it for you.

Alternatively, you could create your own toolbar button to do this.  See the second option below:

Figure 1: The completed agent
Creating the agent to insert an email signature into a Lotus Notes meeting invitation

That's it.  Next time you create a meeting invitation, all you have to do is click in the meeting Description, then select the Agent from the Action menu to insert your mail signature into the meeting invitation.

Figure 2: Running the agent from the menu
Running the agent from the menu

Figure 3: The result; Mail signature inserted into the meeting invitation
Mail signature inserted into a meeting invitation

What if you don't have Designer access to your Mail Database:

Ok. So you tried the first option, and found that you can't create an agent in your mail database to do this.  No problem, let's create a Tool-bar button to do the same thing:
  1. Right-Click your Tool-Bar and choose "Toolbar preferences",
  2. In the preferences window, expand Toolbar, and choose "Customize",
  3. Under "Toolbar to Customize", choose "Universal",
  4. Click "New" and then Button,
  5. In the new button dialog, in "Button caption text" type "Meeting Invitation Signature",
  6. In the Formula box put the following formula: @If(@Command([FileSave]);@Do(@Command( [EditGotoField] ; "Body" );@Command([ToolsRunMacro];"(InsertSignature)"));@True)
  7. Choose "Ok" to create the button,
  8. Choose "Ok" to close preferences.

If you can't see your toolbar at step 1 (above) in IBM Notes 9, Choose "View"->"Toolbar" and turn OFF "Show Toolbars Only When Editing"

Now you can click this button whenever you are in a meeting invitation which will insert your mail signature in the Description section of the invite.



1Per Andersen  05/28/2013 18:48:24  
Ref....How to insert your mail signature in a Lotus Notes meeting invitation

Matt can you imagine to this for thousands of mail boxes !!! Another option of course is to use Crossware Mail Signature......easy no coding no mail template changes....done in a few hours for everyone.....cheers

2Russ Maher  05/29/2013 3:04:41  
How to insert your mail signature in a Lotus Notes meeting invitation

So pretty much I've resorted to asking friends to do things for me I could have done myself if I wasn't so lazy. How mortifying! lol

Awesome find and thanks Mat!

One issue I did run into is that I had to change my signature to Rich text from HTL file but then your solution worked like a Champ!

3Mat Newman

05/29/2013 8:36:46  How to insert your mail signature in a Lotus Notes meeting invitation

@1, Per: You forgot to add a link to your site mate ;-) Yes Crossware Mail Signature is a *GREAT* solution: { Link }

@2, Russ: Nothing lazy about it champ, you asked a question that should be included in the product which isn't by default and it needed to be answered. Always happy to help an IBM Notes user mate! Thanks for the follow up about the Rich-Text option. I of all people should know not to ever assume that someone already has a certain preference set in Notes ;-)

Mat Newman IBM Champion

4Sriram  05/29/2013 13:44:31  
How to insert your mail signature in a Lotus Notes meeting invitation

This is cool! Thanks for sharing :)

5Hogne B. Pettersen  08/16/2013 22:36:15  
How to insert your mail signature in a Lotus Notes meeting invitation

I found a bug in doing it this way. The meeting document is saved. So if you, after inserting your signature, decide to not create this meeting and hit Escape, the meeting document is still saved and will show up in the calendar.

So I shorted the code in the Action button like this:

@Do(@Command( [EditGotoField] ; "Body" );@Command([ToolsRunMacro];"(InsertSignature)"))

Now you will not get the problem with the document being saved if you decide to abort.

6Rick  01/15/2014 3:41:23  
How to insert your mail signature in a Lotus Notes meeting invitation

I am extremely new to NOTES and currently have an HTML from a signature generator that IBM offers. I set up the agent and everything works...there is a slight problem though. The signature that it uses is an older signature with outdated information (address, phone number, etc.), do you know how to find the signature that it's using and make the necessary adjustments?

7David  04/15/2015 18:21:25  
How to insert your mail signature in a Lotus Notes meeting invitation

Do you know how to remove a image pasted into the rich text signature via designer as I cannot access the user preference as it gives an error message "warning ignoring portion of document that uses a feature from another version of notes"

I tried a lot of things over the months but in the end just created a new .nsf and copied the emails into it which is hell with large folder structures and file etc?

8f  10/03/2023 18:31:17  
How to insert your mail signature in a Lotus Notes meeting invitation


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