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Mat Newman  August 20 2018 01:18:23
Figure 1: Back to The Future, Count Down!

Just in case you missed it over the weekend, there was a HUGE development over on the Destination Domino web site. Yes, the count-down to launch has started, but even better, the IBM Champions (and ... I hope, by NOW) YOU have access to IBM Notes and Domino Beta 2!

Learn all about it HERE:

This marks a huge milestone in our commitment to deliver on the next iteration of the venerable Notes and Domino family that you have come to know and love ... and for the many of you whom I have spoken to over the past few months, a path with a new platform that will enable you to deliver Rapid Application Development (RAD) for your own custom applications whether on-premises, or in the cloud, depending on your customers requirements.

#domino2025 is more than a destination, it's a Journey!

One that we are pleased to be on with you, and one that we know will deliver for you, and your customers, now ... and into the future.

It's a brave new world of RAD, one that combines the bullet-proof technology that the Domino platform is renowned for, and one that that we are pleased to be on with you, our Partners, ISV's and Customers ...

It's Back to the Future, with IBM Notes and Domino!

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